Training of Clergy, Medical Personnel, Lay and Peer Counselors

Training of Clergy

Pastors in Ghana, like most pastors everywhere else have an incredibly significant and difficult job. The role expectations of the pastor are many. He must be the teacher, organizer, preacher, counselor, administrator, pastor, priest, prophet, community problem solver, etc. These unrealistic expectations coupled with many obstacles in ministry put tremendous stress and strain on the pastor and the pastor's family.

What is more, pastors are wrongly perceived by some sections of society as having "divine immunity" to the vagaries of life. This unfortunate perception makes it impossible for some pastors to share with others their hurts and weakness. These hidden hurts eventually lead to burnout and sometimes falling out of ministry.

We do not want pastors to drop out of ministry. We want to them solve issues before they become unbearable. Juniper Tree is there to provide confidential counsel and emotional support to the individual pastor. We also organize seminars on self-counseling techniques for pastors.