Sexual abuse of Children Education and Counseling

Child abuse

"I just want to be a child like other children, to have parents who would love and care for me so I don't have to have sex with a man just to survive." "I feel very dirty. If this abuse does not stop, I am going to kill myself." These are words of two young girls. The first was coerced into "prostitution" so she could pay her school fees and buy her basic necessities. The second was subjected to incest. Incest, rape, and child abuse know no barriers.

It can happen in any home. They do not respect race, sex, education, or societal status. If you have been abused, or have been forced to place yourself in abusive situations, or currently being abused, there is hope for you. At Juniper Tree, we lead, guide and counsel those in such situations to reach out to the One who has the power to heal and restore.Victims of incest, child abuse, or rape are often afraid to call for help and therefore suffer in silence. If you know anyone like that, don't close your ears to their cries. Get them help by calling us at Juniper Tree. We collaborate with other cognate agencies to give a new lease of life to these children.