Domestic Abuse Education and Counseling

Domestic Violence

In Ghana, "one in three women (33%) admit to having been beaten, slapped or physically punished by a current or most recent partner. Just over half who admit to physical abuse, had it happen in the last year" Coker-Appiah and Cusack 1999:65)*. Domestic abuse continues to stare us in the face. It is a private crime. Unless it results in fatalities the public never know about it.

Many women are suffering silently because they are conditioned to do so. They are afraid to tell the law enforcing agencies for fear of their husbands going to jail and the consequent reprisal from public accusation. This kind of trauma takes its toll on the emotional health of the abused. Juniper Tree is the voice of those who are subject to domestic abuse. Both men and women suffer from the effects of domestic abuse either as a victim or as a victimizer. We help the victimizer to deal with anger which is the main causative factor and the victim to overcome the issues that go with the abuse.